GCG Data

The Management of PT. Mega Eltra agreed to apply the principle of (GCG) in bussiness practices that include: Transparency, Independence, Accountability, Responsibility, and Fairness (TIARF). Based on the Assessment results toward implementation of GCG, PT. Mega Eltra has reckoned in the category of “Good” grade. The Assessment of GCG implementation covers five aspects of governance, that include  of Rights and Responsibilities of Shareholders, Policy GCG, GCG, Information Disclosure and Commitment.

The Q n G Company

The Management of PT. Mega Eltra agreed to apply ISO 9001 quqlity management system in order to guarantee product quality and service generated based on the 6 quality commitments covers Quality, Cost, Delivery, Safety, Environment and Moral (Q, C, D, S,E, M) in order to be “Beneficial and Trustworthy” by customers.

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