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BUILDING MEGA ELTRA Jl. Menteng Raya 27, Jakarta - Indonesia, formerly known as Villa Menteng was built by Architect Ir FJL Ghijsels 1920
Jl. Menteng Raya 27 Jakarta – Indonesia, formerly known as Villa Menteng, built by the Architect Ir. FJL Ghijsels in 1920.

Starting from a Dutch company engaged in electrical, machinery and equipment techniques in 1940, under the name of Electro Import NV, which is a subsidiary of Jacobson Vanden Berg & Co., a Dutch company known for his time in "The Big Five" companies.

With the nationalization of the Dutch company in 1958 until 1960, the name of NV. Electro Import changed to PT. Yuda Electro, later with PP No. 72 In 1961 the company was integrated into PN Sincere Bhakti as Electro Technical Division.

Based on the Decree of the Minister of Trade No.. 376/VI/SK/64 in 1964, changed its name to Mega Electro (Engine, Electro and Style) and with the issuance of Government Regulation No. 32 in 1965 to Mega Elektro the State Enterprise (PN Electro Mega).

In December 28, 1970, based on the Government of Republic of Indonesia’s Regulation No. 24, turned into Persero under the name of PT. Mega Elektro.

In 1977 received the capital gain from the former, Liquidation of PT. Pembangunan Niaga and the addition of trading business, thus the name of PT. Mega Elektro changed to PT Mega Eltra, that stands for Engineering, Style, Electro and Trading.

With the issuance of PP. 34/1998, dated February 28, 1998 and RUPSLB (EGM / The Extraordinary General Meeting) of PT. Mega Eltra, PT. Mega Eltra is a member group of PT Fertilizer Sriwidjaja (Persero), which in late 2010 conducting the spin off and changed its name to PT. Pupuk Indonesia (Persero).


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